Our mission is to compile a collection of stories and resources related to work stress to inspire, relate to, educate, and tell us.  You know we are working harder with less pay: Read article here.

We can’t really fight back at this time against “Work Abuse” (a phrase used by Chauncey Hare in his book of the same name.) in general, but we can share stories and resources to educate each other.

I live in Los Angeles, and have a wonderful son who is thriving. He has a creative job he loves, and, he just moved in with his lovely girlfriend, and I have a loving, supportive, and inspirational husband. He is willing to help others in crisis.  We work side-by-side on our computers.

We have a cat named Clancy.  He has a mustache.  When I get enough rest and care I feel really good.  I’m passionate for passing on what I have learned, and reading about what you have learned.

I attend DBSA functions near me.  I can’t say enough about this organization!  I cannot give back nearly as much as I have received. You can contact me via email at krdery@gmail.com.  Please do not hesitate sending me your story or article; trials or triumphs accepted.  I publish anonymously if you wish.  Your information won’t be used in any way other than what you intend it.  If you wish to network with others please specify this.  I advertise your book or business or cause in exchange for a blog.

You don’t necessarily have to suffer as long as I did.

Disclaimer:  It is very difficult being in a stressful situation, even delicate sometimes; please note that there will be differing points of view here.  If you feel like you have a crisis please call an emergency hotline.

We, as a community, will be citing experts and authors, as well as laypeople’s opinions on this blog site.  We understand that there is a lot of information and advice out there.  We can only say what we have experienced.   Take what you need (sharing, caring, and support) from this blog site, and leave the rest.  I will be happy to send you to support groups  so you can see discourse there as well.  If you take away one piece of information that you find helpful please let us know, because that is how we get paid.  Feedback, positive or negative is always welcome.


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